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The number of companies registered in an address of this type is considerably less than in a virtual office.

A true office of your own, in which you have at least one workstation of your own always available. This option is not generally recommended, as US companies with an operating business location are outside the tax exemption (ie, they pay taxes).

If you want to take advantage of having a US LLC, but at the same time have a team of workers, the best option is to set up an office abroad, yes, you should choose the country very well so as not to end up having to pay there taxes.

For example, the Philippines, Georgia, Colombia, or another country with an inexpensive labor force could be good options.

Having a real office will of course mean a substantial improvement in the image of the company and, in addition, it will allow you to do more work very economically. In these countries, you can often find English-speaking workers for as little as € 400 per month. Part-time, of course, the price is even lower.

The tax office in Medellín, created in a similar way, can help in the organization.

Regarding our fiduciary services. We choose as trustees exclusively people who are not already registered as owners or administrators of other companies, in this way you avoid looking like mere fiduciaries.

Instead of using the services of a fiduciary, you can choose a Swiss or Austrian association as the owner, in this way you avoid participating personally in the company.

We can help you with the registration of your LLC with an association as owner. In this case, the price is € 3,100 and the monthly rates for the all-inclusive service amount to € 250 per month.

Using an association in this way can help you avoid exit tax, manage a company despite having been declared personally insolvent, carry out a business activity despite prohibitions or contractual incompatibilities, or simply better protect your assets.

Depending on where you have your residence, there will be some requirements or others regarding the business substrate of association and company.

This model has a special appeal, since the US LLC is considered a commercial company at the association level, so that the benefits do not flow directly to the association and do not have to be taxed. However, on the part of the United States, the principle of fiscal transparency (pass through taxation) remains in force.

Thanks to this disparity, benefits are tax-free in the United States, but they do not end directly with the association either.

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